Girls Of Summer


For lethers and treasures check Melrose Avenue,
Bruce Springsteens boots are gasping for you.
A snake licks her chops, handmade by a fitter,
you take the poison green one with the deadhead sticker.

Shirts and skirts
nothing for a bummer
the new drugs for the girls of summer.
Dress a little less
Veronicas newcomer
heels thin like sticks of Toto´s drummer.

But when you wake up in the morning,
the bird of paradise is going.
How boring, can you follow,
birds of passage wants a freaky foresight drummer.

Imagine Haut Couture in heaven.
The question is, is it a he or a she?
And does it even know Gucci?
Is he black or blond a catwalk cause for Bond.

From the dawn of time we came,
the belt buckles were as right as rain.
Believe it or not, Bonnie came clean,
her weapon was a sewing machine

© Huckleberry Kid



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