Walking Down on Brooklyn Bridge


John Luri, Tina Turner
she’s a bellybutton burner
in the rain
stickin in your brain

Virgin dreadlocks are in heaven
your’re my lucky number slevin
New York in a timemachine
my shoes are tight like jelly bean

Cat and walk, Veronica Bond
she is the girl
she´s so rich,
walking down on Brooklyn Bridge
walking down on Brooklyn Bridge

Manu and Marc. Veronica says
Campbell Apartment,
this is New Yorks model fiesta

Anna Wintour is her fan
she knows money makes the man
kiss every pearl
Mottstreets Downtown girl

Luc is fishing on my moon
kaleidascope pirates coming soon
being in a right mans hand
of Bonnies Huckleberry Friend

© Huckleberry Kid




i love pirates pirates of caribbean